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Reopening Visuals

To help you and your children, we will be creating visuals showing the route through the grounds that you and your child will take when coming to school this year. We will notify you when these visuals are available on our website.

In order for other classes to have room to exit please encourage your son to leave quickly. Walk home if possible or allocate a meeting point away from the school to avoid congestion at the exit points. 

Drop Zones. No Entry into School Carpark 

To facilitate larger waiting areas and safer access to the school grounds where parents and children can socially distance, we will no longer be allowing parents’ cars enter our car park as a drop zone. 

Buses will no longer be permitted to park in the area beside the school entrance gate. 

We encourage boys to walk to school. Foxrock Church have kindly agreed to let us use their grounds for park and walk. Please avail of this where possible. Once we decide the best position for our bicycle racks and how to access them safely, we will also encourage cycling and scooting to school. Building work is to commence on the far right of the building where the bicycle racks were positioned last year. 

At all times, please be mindful of the residents and do not block their driveways and keep the traffic flowing in a one- way system. 

Campus Logistical Plan and One-Way System 

We have worked closely with Hollypark GNS on a Campus Logistical Plan with one-way systems, drop zones and waiting areas. Parents and boys of Senior Infants-3rd class enter the school grounds via the grey gates, walk around the rear of the school. Boys are dropped to their waiting area and parents continue to exit through the Girls’ school pedestrian gate. We ask that you keep as close to the left-hand side as possible to allow parents in the Girls’ school to enter and exit their building safely. 

The one-way system is reversed at collection time. Parents enter through the Girls’ school pedestrian gate, pick their child up from their collection zone at the back of the building and exit through the grey gates at the side of the Boys’ school. All routes will be clearly labelled and teachers will be on-hand to explain information. 

Late Arrivals 

Punctuality will be essential to the safe return of all of our pupils. All entrance doors will be automatically locked to ensure the safety of our pupils and staff. If you arrive late with your child, you will not be permitted to enter the school building. You will be asked to wait outside the front door until a member of staff is available to escort your child to their class. 

We cannot mix children from different class groupings and as a result can no longer escort groups of late arrivals around the school. We can only take one child at a time. Parent/guardian must wait outside with their child until there is a staff member available to do so. 

Access to School 

Parents and visitors will no longer be permitted access to the school unless an appointment has been made in advance. It is vital that we do all we can to avoid cases of the virus in our school and this is part of the process. Parents will not be allowed to enter the school building and must drop their son at their designated drop zone. 

You will still be able to meet with your child’s teacher in an appropriate, socially distanced way if you need to discuss any aspect of your child’s schooling, but you will need to make an appointment first through Parents will be required to fill out a detailed contract tracing log prior to any school meeting.


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