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Introductory Statement
In consultation with the principal, staff, students and parents, a sub committee was formed to review and update the healthy eating policy of Hollypark Boys’ National School in 2021. By involving all elements of the school community in this review, the policy ensures that children receive consistent messages at home and at school.

Physical and mental health are vital elements in the holistic development of children. Fitness homework is included as a subject for the boys to complete from 1st – 6th classes inclusive. Healthy eating is a component of the SPHE (Social, Personal, Health Education) curriculum for all classes. Levels of concentration and attention are improved by fuelling the body with nutritious food.

To develop positive and responsible attitudes towards healthy food among children and all involved in the school community.  

To increase the awareness of the importance of a balanced diet in supporting the development of children in their journey to become healthy adults.

To promote the consumption of healthy food as a way to enhance concentration levels in children.


  • We encourage the boys to include a wide range of foods in their lunchboxes, with plenty of colour adding variety.
  • For health and safety reasons, nuts should not be included in any lunchbox. We ask parents to adhere to any requests in relation to other allergies in their son’s class. Please note, we cannot guarantee a nut-free zone so we ask that all children with allergies only eat food given to them from home and they are aware of foods they cannot eat. This is also reflected in our Anaphylaxis policy.
  • Food cannot be shared between the students and this is outlined in the school’s Anaphylaxis policy.
  • Milk and water are the recommended drinks. For safety reasons, glass bottles are not permitted.
  • Fizzy drinks (including sparkling water) are not permitted.
  • Parents should ensure the food is manageable for their children’s stage of development by avoiding foods which will spill easily. Parents should ensure that their son can open and close containers and wrappers, as well as being able to peel any foods included in his lunch. It is advisable to start the peel of fruit at home and open the wrapper before putting into the lunchbox. 
  • Parents should discuss with their children the food to be eaten at small break and the food to be consumed at big break.
  • The following foods are not allowed: crisps, high sugar cereal bars lollipops, chocolate or chocolate covered foods, biscuits.
  • Children may be permitted to bring a treat on certain days, for example school tours/end of term days at the discretion of the class teacher. This will be communicated by the class teacher. 
  • Popcorn is not recommended in Junior Infants – 2nd class as it is considered a choking hazard.
  • Parents/guardians are requested to never send in food for other children for birthdays or any other reason.
  • Fruit and Veg Small Break- We encourage the boys to eat fruit and vegetables at small break. However, it is not exclusively a fruit and vegetable break.
  • Children are supervised in the classroom while eating their lunch and are not allowed to bring unfinished food outside the classroom.
  • Children are not allowed share food with another child. 


Success Criteria

The success of this policy will be ascertained by carrying out a repeat survey of children on the contents of their lunchboxes.

Roles and Responsibilities
Parents are encouraged to ensure their children have healthy lunches going to school. Children are encouraged to be a part of the preparation of their lunches. Children bring home their lunch waste and packaging to adhere to our Green Schools recycling guidelines. Progress of this policy will be monitored by teachers in their own classrooms.


Timeframe for Implementation and Review
This policy is implemented throughout the school and will be reviewed regularly as required and as time allows.


Ratification and Communication
This policy is published on the school website.

Newcomers to the school will receive a copy of this policy in the information pack for new students.

The policy in its current form was ratified by the Board of Management on 25/5 2022.

Brendan McAndrew