Posted on Tuesday, 28 November 2023
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Holly Park Boys' National School


As we begin to countdown towards Christmas, I want to thank our entire school community for your positive attitude and support over the past number of months. It is great to see the many happy faces bouncing in our school gates each morning. I love getting to greet all the families at drop off and collection times. There is a real sense of community spirit in Hollypark BNS. Well done to all involved. 


Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are happy to announce the first ever Student Voice Christmas fundraiser in aid of St Vincent de Paul. SVP is a charity that helps the homeless. All funds raised will help more than ever this Christmas season. We are hosting a Super Sale in the school hall of all lost property   - shirts, jumpers, trousers and jackets as well as Hollypark sports gear and …… CHRISTMAS JUMPERS!!!!!

The shop is stocked and ready for tomorrow's sale. When they are gone, they are gone! 

This is an excellent way to reduce waste at Christmas, add to our sustainability policy and contribute to a deserving charity. Thank you in advance for your support.

SALE DATES: THURSDAY 30th, @8:15 am in SCHOOL HALL (Lots of stock remaining!)

Scott Campbell and Matthew Rourke,
On behalf of The Student Voice.




Foxrock Parish Church will host a Parish Christmas Concert in Foxrock Church on Sunday 3rd December @ 6 pm. The concert will raise funds for Kyrie Farm. We are delighted to join in this community event to support this very worthwhile cause. Alongside many other performances on the night, a selection of pupils from Hollypark Boys' will be on hand acting as ushers, raffle ticket sellers, and they will also be taking to the stage to perform some of our favourite Christmas poems. There will be musical performances on the night from Hollypark Girls'. It promises to be a fabulous occasion for a great cause.
Tickets are priced at €15.00 each and will be available to purchase via our Aladdin system from Wednesday, November 22nd.
If you would like to learn more about Kyrie Farm, please click the link attached. 

For anyone who has purchased tickets, they will be available to collect from my office on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

The purpose of Kyrie Therapeutic Farm is to create in Ireland a world class therapeutic centre that encapsulates the best possible support, while putting the person at the centre of their own care plan and recovery.


TO:                      All primary schools and SEN schools

From:              Dr Abigail Collins, Consultant in Public Health Medicine; National Clinical Lead Child Health Public Health 

Dr Eamonn O’Moore, Director National Health Protection                            

RE:                       HSE Public Health update – Significant rise in RSV/Bronchiolitis infections in young children

DATE:                 20 November 2023

We often see a large increase in infections in winter.

Significant increase in RSV infections

We are currently seeing a significant increase in the RSV virus (,  a common winter viral infection which is of particular concern for babies.

Typical symptoms of RSV

Symptoms of viral infections, including RSV typically include:

·         runny or blocked nose

·         mild fever

·         cough

·         lethargy (tiredness)

Most children with viral infections, including RSV can safely be cared for at home. More information can be found at However, in babies and young children, (particularly those under 5 years), bronchiolitis can cause more significant difficulties in breathing and feeding. Babies and young children are more likely to need hospital care. (More details on on how to take care of a baby with bronchiolitis at home and when to get help can be found here

Important messages for families and children regarding any infections:

1)      The most important measure is for your child to stay home from school and activities if your child is unwell.

Many children might have a runny nose or a slight cough in winter season and still feel well. However, if a child is feeling unwell they should stay at home and away from school and activities until their symptoms have finished and they are feeling well.


Children who are unwell with one infection are more likely to get another infection, and may become more significantly unwell. Therefore staying at home will protect your child from other viruses while they are unwell, which may well also be circulating.

Further, Children with symptoms are more likely to spread infections. Staying home when unwell will help prevent spread to other children, families and staff. This is important particularly in primary schools where other children in their class may have younger siblings and babies at home.

Children who have had a viral infection, like bronchiolitis, may have a persistent cough after infection for a few weeks; once the fever and any other symptoms have finished, they should not be excluded because of this persistent cough alone. 

Staff:  if staff are unwell they also should not attend until their symptoms have resolved.

Older children and staff may not be particularly unwell with RSV, but babies and young children can become very unwell with the infection, therefore taking infection prevention and control measures are very important.

2)      Infection, prevention and control measures

-          Cover coughs and sneezes

-          Keep hands clean

Measures that we all got used to with Covid-19 are still important. They should be encouraged for everyone. These measures help stop the spread of infection.

3)      Vaccination

Making sure your child is up to date on all recommended childhood vaccinations will help:

-          stop your child getting an infection and

-          make them less likely to be unwell if they do get an infection

Routine childhood vaccinations protect against many significant viral and bacterial infections.

More information is available at

There is currently no vaccine routinely available against RSV infection; but there are vaccines available and recommended for flu and Covid-19.

Flu vaccine

The free nasal spray flu vaccine is available for children aged 2 to 12 years from GP and pharmacies. It helps protect your children from getting seriously ill with the flu, as well as helping to protect babies and grandparents in the family.


Many adults are also recommended to have the flu vaccine. More information is available at

Vaccination for Covid-19 is recommended particularly for children with weak immune systems




Junior Infants- December 14th at 9.30am

Senior Infants- December 14th at 11.30am 

All shows will take place in the school PE hall. Please note that spaces are limited and reserved for 2 adults only per child. 


December 19th at 7pm. 
6th class Christmas Extravanganza will take place in the school PE hall. Please note that spaces are limited and reserved for 2 adults only per child. 


Parent-teacher meetings will take place the week beginning Monday, January 29th. School will close at 2.15 pm on Wednesday, January 31st and Thursday, February 1st to facilitate meetings. 



3rd class are busy practising for the Peace Proms Choir Workshop in the National Indoor Arena in Blanchardstown on Tuesday 5/12/23. The boys will leave from Foxrock Church via Coach at 8.40am. It promises to be a wonderful day out for the boys and their teachers. It is a fantastic opportunity to showcase their entire repertoire of songs and musical talents with a host of schools from around Dublin in anticipation of the Peace Proms 2024 in February in the RDS.


Dental Hygiene

Julia, a dental hygienist from South Beach Clinic will be visiting our school on Wednesday 29th November, to teach the children the importance of dental hygiene and how to brush their teeth properly.

Julia will give each child a pack which includes an information leaflet about brushing technique, a couple of disclosing tablets to check their effectiveness at brushing their at home, and a brushing challenge card to tick twice daily for 2 weeks when they brush their teeth.

The children are asked to complete these forms and return them to their class teacher. For every form returned, South Beach Clinic will donate €5 to the school. This means that if every form is returned to our school South Beach Clinic would donate €2675 to our school. The money raised will be used to enhance our STEM equipment and STEM workshops.

We thank South Beach Dental for their generosity while also teaching the boys about the importance of good dental hygiene.



Congratulations to Harry O' Sullivan, 4th class, who had a wonderful birdie at last week's golf lessons. Hitting his drive to 8 feet, Harry confidently rolled in his putt like Tiger Woods at Augusta! Harry's golfing future is looking bright. Harry, if you need a caddy, you know where I am!

Harry and his classmates are pictured above. 


On November 23rd, we had over 100 pupils cycling to school. Well done to all who continue to cycle, walk, scoot to school. A huge congratulations to Mr. Ryan, the Green Schools Committee & the Walk on Wednesday cohort who continue to ease the traffic congestion every Wednesday morning. We are still trialling this initiative and we hope to roll it out to the whole school post-Christmas. 



Congratulations to Conor Walsh, Mike Wang, Rian Murphy and Charlie Pattison,6th class, who represented the school at an inter-schools Maths Quiz. The quiz took place in St. Attracta's NS, Ballinteer. The boys scored an incredible 32/36 points. Well done boys, you did us proud. Thank you to Mr. Mc Evoy and Ms. Smyth for organising and preparing the boys so well. Thank you to the parents for providing lifts to the event. 



Santa and his elves will once again visit Hollypark this year. We look forward to welcoming him on Monday, December 18th. It is always one of our favourite days of the year. 



The school will close on Friday, December 22nd at 12 noon for Christmas holidays. School will re-open on Monday, January 8th 2024.  


This week is a special week for these great boys: Conn Powell, Rohan Mandal, Alex Henderson, Cormac Slowey, Ross Farrell, Rory Nasution, Davy Byrne, Hugo Drummond, Charlie Doyle, Aidan Mac Donagh, Maverick Elegado, Sean Byrne, Noah Clarke, Richie Walsh agus Kanyu Zhou.

Have a wonderful celebration boys!

Beir bua agus beannacht,