Posted on Wednesday, 3 February 2021
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Once again, well done to boys, parents and staff on a tremendous effort on SeeSaw and Zoom. I am keeping in touch with every class and looking at all the amazing work submitted. I am most impressed!

Zoom Etiquette

  • All Zoom live lessons must take place in a living space (not a bedroom)
  • A parent or guardian must be present in the room.
  • Children must be fully and appropriately dressed (no need for school uniform!)
  • Children should not be eating during a live lesson or have phones in hand.
  • Children should be on mute, unless asked to unmute.
  • Cameras must be turned on.
  • No virtual backgrounds please.
  • The children’s names should be on the screen name so that we know who we are admitting into the meeting (On Zoom, go to ‘participants’, then ‘more’, then ‘rename’.
  • Sessions should not be recorded by children or parents on any device or shared. Hollypark BNS will not record the live session either.
  • Any child not following the rules above may be removed from the live lesson.
  • We have a limited supply of iPads for loan, if any family would benefit from an additional device please get in touch with the office.



Zoom talent show hosted by Mr. O’ Donovan will take place on Friday 12th February. If you would like to share your talent with the school - singing, piano, guitar, violin, poetry reading, joke telling, cake making etc. please send Mr. O’Donovan an email through the contact section of the website FAO: Zoom Talent Show with your name and talent. Thank you to all the boys who have signed up already. I am looking forward to seeing all the various talents on show!



The life of an 11-year-old during this latest lock down – week 4

Another week of homeschooling finished. The days are flying by. Because of the weather, I didn’t get out to do much exercise this week. However, one day on one of our walks, we went to Monkstown. It was nice to look across at the sea and watch the waves crashing against the rocks. The highlight of my week had to be Friday, we made crepes online with our French teacher, Madame Claire. They took a long time to make but it was totally worth it because they tasted amazing! That evening we ordered in takeaway pizzas before doing our usual Friday night quiz, it was a good day!

The answer to last week’s riddle - what is always in front of you but you can’t see it? Your future. Another one for this week - A cowboy went to town on Friday, he stayed for 3 nights and came back on Friday. How could that be?

Cormac Kavanagh, 5th Class.



Over the past week we have been looking at ways to supplement our remote learning lessons and provide further activities to our boys. In Hollypark BNS, we place huge emphasis on physical fitness and fundamental movement skills. With the inclement weather at present it might not be possible to get out and get active. Therefore, we have organised Zoom dance classes for our boys with Dizzy Feet dance studio. These classes will be tailored to the particular age group involved in each session. Boys will be asked to wear comfortable and appropriate clothing. You will be notified about your child’s timeslot in your teacher’s weekly overview for next week.



We are also in the final stages of putting together live cookery demonstrations. Our 5th and 6th class boys along with Madame Claire from the French school inspired this idea. The boys made French crepes last week as part of their French lessons and it was a huge success and the boys (and parents!) had lots of fun. Further information on this to follow in next week’s newsletter.



Happy Birthday

This week is a special week for these boys.

Josh Aherne, Adam Bowe, Nicolas Gallagher, Oliver Gnutek, Harry Lawlor, Dean Byrne, Sean Bentley and Andrew Wilson.

We wish you a Happy Birthday boys!



Last week I presented one class per group with home learning certificates. Well done to the following classes on your achievement

Junior Infants: Ms. Breathnach
Senior infants: Ms. Brennan
1st class: Ms. Morgan/ Ms. O’Donovan
2nd class: Ms. O’ Farrell
3rd class: Ms. O Dubhagáin
4th class: Mr. Molyneux
5th class: Mrs. Regan
6th class: Mr. Mc Evoy

Well done to all the boys in these classes. Certificates were shared via SeeSaw and can be printed. I will issue more home learning awards this Friday. Best of luck!


Beir bua agus beannacht,





Mental Health Ireland - what can i control chart

The kids are all right podcast

Suitable for 5th and 6th Class

A podcast specially for kids, we want to hear whatever is on the kids’ minds, as they record and send in their opinions, questions, stories to be included and featured in every episode!

“We encourage parents to listen to The Kids Are All Right! with their kids in the car as a handy conversation starter and so they can pick up valuable advice to support their kids build a happy and healthy life and develop a resilient mindset to negotiate their way through the unavoidable bumps in the road.”

Michelle Connolly Reaper, Presenter & Producer.

Listen via all the Popular Podcast App’s or via our website:



This amazing photograph of last weeks full moon was captured by 6th class pupil Andrew Clancy. Andrew, this is amazing, you have a real talent.

The Moon