Posted on Friday, 20 October 2017
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Count Dracula

Count Dracula Appears!

It was a cold Friday night in a wild forest. Deep inside the woods lay a fox who had just caught a bird. He was just about to go home, when he looked up and saw a bat like shape flying down blotting out the moon. At once he froze. As it landed he could see it was a man with skin as pale as snow, hair as black as ebony, blood red eyes, fangs, and a long black cloak. It was just about to walk off, when it spotted him. He smiled coldly, as cold as the night was now. Then he spoke in a voice so full of venom that it nearly knocked him over. “Very lucky that I am in a hurry or I would cut your throat!”

He then paused, looked at the fox carefully and said “Still….can’t have you telling anybody.” He flicked his hand. The fox felt himself shrinking, his nose shortening, wings sprouting from his back. He had become a bat. “Off you go now before I do kill you,” said the stranger! The frightened bat/fox fluttered away. As he glanced back, just for a moment, he heard the sound of chilling, demonic laughter. As he fluttered away to a nearby city, he finally understood who and what he had seen. He had seen Count Dracula, creature of darkness and Lord of Vampires.

By Caolán Tokar