Our Parents’ Association


Contact -email   paathollyparkboysns@gmail.com Should you be interested in joining, you would be really welcome and any small contribution is appreciated. You can contact us by email.  Thank you.

To stay up to date with all things Hollypark you can follow the school’s Twitter account ; https://twitter.com/HollyparkBNS ( You don’t need an account)

The school also have an app called ‘Flexibuzz’ which can be downloaded on your phone by going to the app store and searching Flexibuzz.


All parents of children attending the school belong to the Parents’ Association.

During November of each new school year the Parents’ Association AGM is held. At this the Chairperson of the previous year’s committee talks about the work of the committee in the previous year, and the Treasurer provides an overview of the accounts.

During the AGM new committee members are elected and a date set for the first official committee meeting of the year at which officers will be elected. There are three officers, the Chairperson, the Secretary and the Treasurer.

It is actively encouraged that the committee is made up of Mums, Dads and Guardians of Junior Infants children through to 6th class, so that the whole school is represented. A list of committee members is circulated to the school. If anyone has any queries or topics they would like discussed or would like to get involved they should contact a committee member or email paathollyparkboysns@gmail.com

Who we are

We are a group of parents (Mums, Dads and Guardians) who volunteer to join the association. Members participate and help out when they can. We are an active association who meet once a month, (the first Tuesday of every month during term time). The committee is made up of a Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer and approximately 15/20 parents.

Our Calendar of Events shows what we do and when we do it. Part of the funds we raise cover the costs of some of these events e.g. The Communion, Graduation and Santa Day.

Maybe you would like to help out but don’t have a whole lot of time to spare? Why not join our volunteers list. We keep a database of volunteers who we contact when we need an extra hand at the larger events. If you would like to take part, please send an email to e-mail address above and we’ll let you know when we need extra help. It’s a great way to be involved with school activities without having to commit too much of your time.

What happened last year…
The Parents’ Committee is actively involved in many aspects of school life and raises funds for the school. Last year (2016/17) year the Committee organised a number of fund raising activities such as the Sports Blitz, Bags2School and Jersey Day.

The committee runs the swimming, provides refreshments at various the school events from the new junior infants to sixth class and organises the sixth classes’ tops. Funding raised goes towards the library , sports equipment and kits , class supplies and to the Board of Management to cover cost of substitute teachers for course days.

The committee with the help of parents of 1st and 3rd class organise a party for the children in 2nd class on the day of the First Holy Communion. This is a great success!


Thank you for all your support.


Parents’ Association Committee 2018/2019


Calendar of events



Junior Infant parents coffee morning

Junior infants parents evening

Swimming registration



Sports Blitz – main PA fundraiser



AGM (Tuesday 13th of November 2018)



School decorated for Christmas

Santa Day



Cake sale


April / May

Blazer rental for Communion

Bags to School collection



Sports Day










  • Be Polite online, avoid contact with any strangers
  • Beware that once you post it, it is available for everyone to see
  • Don’t share passwords with anyone except parents – not even friends
  • Don’t provide whereabouts online without parent’s permission
  • Think before you post: your words or images can impact your reputation
  • Never meet someone face-to-face that you only know on-line
  • Conduct yourself with respect and consideration for others while on-line
  • Do not forward any photos or images that are rude or inappropriate
  • Conduct yourself responsibly online
  • Talk to a trusted adult for support if you encounter any difficulties on-line

CONNECT WITH RESPECT   Useful resources and websites

Ph: (01) 2896042 Email: info@hollyparkbns.ie


News- Updated on 14.11.2018

Chairperson’s Report on past year for AGM

I firstly and most importantly acknowledge the support and help of the PA and the wider volunteer group. Also, is recognised the support of Mrs. Kelly and all the staff at the school, most particularly Eilish in the office.

So just to give a brief overview of the past year I include the following.

  • Successful Santa visit and Christmas lunch for teachers and staff.
  • Carols by candlelight mulled wine and minced pies provided for parents on this most enjoyable and emotional evenings
  • Cake sale and raffle on St. Valentine’s Day where moneys made went to our sister school in Kenya.
  • Big investment and overhaul of first Communion blazers with many being altered and new ones made. We also now have a simple sizing system.
  • Swimming still provided with amazing price. We also included an extra swim coach to the beginners group.
  • Sports Day with our new ‘no sweets at sports’ policy was a success. The PA is looking at ways to include more than the water station provided this year for next year’s sports day.
  • €1000 was give to library for new books are replacement of old books. Thanks to Emer last year and Elaine and Niamh who have take over this year. The library is amazingly well run with thanks also to many library ladies who make it work.
  • Bags to School also earned us some money towards our income this year.
  • 6th Class tops organised by some PA and 6th class parents. Thanks to all involved.
  • Information nights on cyber bulling and device use organised in conjunction with school.
  • Refreshments provided for Communion breakfast, junior infants parent 1st day, junior infant information night and 6th class graduation night.
  • Lego was also something we paid for at school this year. The feedback about it was very positive from teachers.
  • Golf: Hollypark hosted their first golf tournament last year with huge thanks to Mrs. Lynch and Breda for organising. The PA paid for the food on the day. It’s great to have the school being represented in a new sport
  • The PA provided a celebratory Pizza lunch for the winning soccer team last year also.
  • Initial plans were made for our upcoming Holly Bop in November.
  • Fantastic Sports Blitz was also a very positive day for all at the school where money raised enables sufficient substitute teachers for teacher course days.
  • In conclusion and most importantly I wish to say a big THANKS TO ALL PARENTS for your support. Without it and the boy’s enthusiasm, what we do, would not be possible.