Yesterday, one very lucky 5th classes , (Mr.Mc Evoy’s ) were invited to attend Microsoft’s new state of the art building in Leopardstown,  to visit their amazing purpose built digital ‘Dream Space’

The boys made the short journey by bus and upon arrival they were warmly greeted by the facilitators, Amanda and Livia.

We were taken on a short tour of the facility and shown around the amazing modern building.

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After our tour, the boys were fed and watered with a super healthy breakfast, then it was time for some Micro bit coding.

The boys were taught how to programme the Micro Bit to carry out various functions and tasks.

After our session with the Micro Bits, we were introduced to the really cool Microsoft 3D paint app, where the boys got the opportunity to make their own videos around the theme of ‘The 17 Global Goals’.

The boys then had a their lunch before heading back to school.

The boys had an amazing day in Dream Space and they can’t wait to return there very soon.

Many thanks to Amanda and Livia form the Microsoft Education team, for making our day such a memorable one of fun and learning with technology.