Posted on Wednesday, 24 June 2020
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It doesn’t seem like 8 years ago since the Graduation Class of 2020 took their first steps into our school. Throughout their years in Hollypark, we have loved their positivity, creativity, charm and fun-loving personalities. It is a great disappointment that we could not close out the year together.

They will be missed in the school corridors, in the yard, in the green and yellow Hollypark sports jerseys but they will never be forgotten. They will always be welcome back to Hollypark with fondness, for a chat, for a laugh or for advice. We will be here for them. Once a Hollypark boy, always a Hollypark boy!

We wish all the boys the very best in secondary school. We know they will represent us with honour and distinction and we will be filled with pride when their new principals pass on the great news about their many achievements.

Boys, you are our future, be the best you can be.

Saint Patrick's Boys' National School Yearbook 2020
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