11th of June 2018 –

Today was the turn of our soccer team to show off their skills and hard work.








The boys have been expertly coached all year by Mr.Mc Evoy and Mr.Mitchell.

Our opponents today were Johnstown B.N.S school. ( We played them last year in the schools cup final )

We reached U.C.D bowl just before 10.40 with our 5th and 6th class supporters all in full voice.

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Both teams were already on the pitch, getting their pre-match warmup in, when the stands started to fill up with supporters from both teams.


The match kicked off at 11.15 with 30 minutes per half.


Johnstown were hot off the mark with a flurry of attacks on our goal that didn’t bear fruition.


Hollypark were a little slow in reacting to the frantic first ten minutes of pressure from Johnstown but the boys showed their true character and grit with some great pieces of play and teamwork.

The first half concluded with both teams on level terms at nil all.

The second half was another nail biting thirty minutes of top performances from both teams with attack after attack and great defending from both goal keepers.

The match could have gone either way but in the dying minutes of the game the ball fell at the feet of our super striker, Jonathan, who sprinted past the defenders to blast the ball into the back of the opponents net.

Seconds later he was on the move again with another goal that hit the back of the net, but the referee blew the whistle just before the ball crossed the goal line, so unfortunately it wasn’t added to our tally.

The final score was 1-0 to Hollypark.

Well done to Johnstown who were excellent opponents who fought all the way to the end never giving our team an inch.